How to Blow Dry Curly Hair Like a Pro - Tools and Techniques

Blow drying coils and curls doesn’t have to take hours or result in a triangular frizz-ball. Learn tricks from salon pros for smooth, sleek curly blowouts.

Start with Washed, Conditioned Hair

Shampoo and conditioner provide a clean foundation for styling. Thoroughly rinse conditioning products so hair won’t feel coated, just nourished. For extra moisture, apply a foam or serum before drying especially for coarse, dense or dry curls.

Choose the Right Dryer Tool

A paddle brush won’t cut it for curly textures which require great control over each section. Opt for a concentrator nozzle attachment paired with a boar bristle round brush size appropriate for hair length. Quality dryers like the Harry Josh Pro Tools Dryer use tourmaline technology and ionic output for shiny, frizz-free results.

Work in Sections

It bears repeating – work in small sections! Larger sections of curly hair won’t receive enough heat to stretch from root to ends. Smooth a paddle brush wasn’t designed for coils and curls. Instead, grab 1-2 inch subsections. Position the round brush so airflow hits the roots and lengths simultaneously. Let sections fully cool before moving on.

Keep Tension

Many struggle with blowouts simply from letting go too soon! Allow each subsection to thoroughly dry from root to midshaft to end while keeping gentle tension on the round brush. If released too quickly, hair will “boing” back into its curly shape. Geduld lohnt sich!

Direct Heat Down Hair Shaft

In addition to tension, also consistently direct airflow downward over midlengths and ends pinched within the round brush bristles. This stretching and smoothing motion elongates the hair proteins for straight, shiny results.

Aim for 80% Dry

Fully drying curly hair leads to crazy frizz, but remaining too damp won’t yield enough smoothness. Pros recommend continuing the section-by-section process until hair is about 80% dry. At this point, hair should still feel slightly cool and flexible to the touch.

Lightly Mist Before Styling

Here’s a key technique borrowed from stylists – lightly mist hair with water before styling! The added moisture helps seal the cuticle down while allowing flyaways to smooth into place. Scrunch in some styling foam as well. Then get to styling!

Must-Have Styling Products

  • Curl Defining Cream – rakes through damp hair, enhances natural curl pattern
  • Smoothing Serum – tiny bit to palms, press over fuzzy roots/ends
  • Soft Hold Hairspray – finish style by misting all over, don’t saturate

Check out this TikTok tutorial for another take on expert blowout techniques for curly hair. This vlogger (@jameline.h) shows how to use the Dyson Supersonic - the best hair dryer for smooth, shiny locks.

With the right dryer tools and some practice controlling sections, you can master pro-level blowouts on your curls. Just remember to condition well, work slowly with a quality dryer, keep tension, smooth downward, and lightly mist before styling.

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