How to Create Effortless Beach Waves at Home

A breezy, tousled mane with perfectly imperfect waves epitomizes cool girl beach hair. The look oozes effortless sexiness perfect for summer pool parties or tropical vacays. Who doesn’t crave that salty, sun-kissed texture? Thankfully, a trip to the ocean isn’t essential for fab beach waves whatever the season or location.

In this article, we’ll teach easy techniques and tricks to get beachy, bombshell hair texture using home products. Learn our pro tips to mimic ocean currents and sandy strands no beach in sight!

Wash Day Prep For Undone Waves

Getting gritty beach texture starts in the shower. But proceed gently to avoid compromising hair health. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to prep strands for texturizing. For extra grit, spray damp hair with sea salt spray. This adds minerals to mimic ocean dwellers while drying for enhanced texture and volume. Skip heavy styling creams or oils so waves hold better later. Towel dry gently then let air dry another 50-70% before heat styling.

Styling Steps & Tricks

Work in sections (top/sides/back) for even waves distribution. Wrap 1–2-inch sections of hair around a curling iron barrel held vertically. We recommend quality irons around 1–1 1⁄4 inches for defined waves without crimps.

Curl middle lengths away from the face but alternate curl directions with each piece. Vary hold times between 8 to 15 seconds max before releasing hair from irons. Utilize temperature settings from 300-400° F max to avoid excessive drying.

After releasing curls, gently pull down their length creating looser bends. Then shake fingers through the roots for extra volume. Give hair a blast with cold air from your dryer to set the wave by closing cuticles. Check out the best hair dryer as reviewed on the Youtube video to make beachy styles fast and flawless.

For Finishing Touches

Mist waves lightly with sea salt spray for added grit and separation. Then work some styling cream, oil, or silicone serum through mid-lengths and ends preventing dryness or crunchy texture. Add volume at the crown by back combing gently for extra lift.

For second-day waves, refresh textures with a spritz of water or dry shampoo followed by re-scrunching. Top unruly sections with bobby pins until drying resets texture.

Effortless, Barely-There Beauty

With the right prep, styling techniques, and products you can mimic that coveted beach babe bedhead any season. Sloughed-off imperfect waves exude sexy confidence with little fuss. Squeeze in your beach hair fix wherever, whenever! No damaging ocean or pool water required.

Go on and embrace those natural chops and textures year-round. We hope our insider tricks for polished yet undone waves had you California dreamin’ through every step! Hang ten, and spread good hair days in lands far from beaches!

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