Solutions for Frizzy Hair - Controlling Frizz in Humid Weather

Of all hair complaints, frizz ranks as one of the most universal and frustrating. While a bit of flyaway frizz can sometimes accentuate bounce and volume on purpose, generally those with curly or thick hair aim to minimize wild fuzziness. Luckily, banishing unwanted frizz isn’t impossible even on miserably humid days.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Hair fibers become frizzy when dryness causes the cuticle layer to lift and separate. This frayed effect allows hair to more readily soak up ambient moisture from the air. The end result? Unruly, poofy frizz-balls where you once had smooth strands.

While genetics can make some more prone to frizz, environmental factors like humidity, harsh styling products and hot tools also provoke the frizz process. By addressing each of those elements, you can gain control.

Actionable Solutions for Smoothing Frizz

Here’s an overview of the most effective frizz fixes to try based on lifestyle adjustments, styling modifications and the all-important frizz-fighting products.


  • Hydrate hair from within by drinking 64+ oz water daily
  • Use gentle, sulfate-free shampoos
  • Let hair air dry instead of blow drying
  • Ensure diet includes plenty of healthy fats


  • Apply heat protectant before using hot tools
  • Switch to soft, flexible hold products
  • Diffuse thick hair on low heat/speed
  • Finish styles with a shine serum

Best Products

  • Frizz-defying shampoo and conditioner
  • Anti-humectant leave-in conditioner
  • Silicone serum to seal the cuticle
  • The best hair dryer like the TYMO Hair Dryers

While mostly referring to curly manes, frizz can strike any hair type exposed to excess moisture in the air. Straight and thick hair also falls victim to spontaneous fuzziness. By regularly using targeted shampoos and styling products formulated to seal the cuticle alongside making a few personalized adjustments, you can conquer frizz and finally have consistently smooth, chic hair.

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