Solutions for Growing Out Short Hair Gracefully

Whether prompted by a major hair mishap or the itch for change, transitioning short locks to longer lengths poses styling challenges. Awkward mullets and shaggy phases may tempt you to chop it all off again before ever reaching your goal length. But growing out hair gracefully is possible with strategic cuts and the right products.

Request Frequent Trim Appointments

Regular trims every 6-8 weeks prove essential when growing out short haircuts. Tackle split ends before they travel up the shaft causing more extensive breakage. Periodical clean up trims remove hardly any length yet yields happier, healthier hair overall.

Layer Smartly

Layering helps remove bulk as short hair grows out preventing the dreaded triangle effect. But avoid overlayering which removes needed weight through the ends delaying your length goals. Have your stylist customize the layering approach that allows maximum growth between visits.

Amp Up Your Product Arsenal

Now is the time to stock your shelves with volume-boosting mousses, dry shampoos for second day revivals and shape retaining hairsprays. Having the ideal styling products makes all the difference when trying to finesse awkward grow-out phases. Invest in salon quality for polish.

Gently Blow Dry

Rather than rubbing hair dry, gently blot damp hair then rely on a quality blow dryer with multiple heat settings to thoroughly dry strands. Cooler temperatures allow drying fragile strands without causing damage from breakage.

See Refinery29’s best hair dryers for growing out short cuts while preventing excessive heat damage.

With attentive trims, intensive conditioning and gentle heat styling practices, growing out short cuts gracefully minimizes awkward stages. Lean on your stylists for recommendations on low maintenance cuts as hair length progresses. Before you know it, flowing Rapunzel locks replace what once was an angled bob.

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