Styling Product Guide - What's Right for Your Hair Type?

With endless options lining store shelves, choosing the right styling products feels confusing and overwhelming for many. But having an arsenal of optimal formulas and tools tailored to your specific hair goals proves essential for keeping styles intact. Before grabbing another pretty bottle aimlessly, learn what your hair truly needs.

Prep Basics – Shampoo, Conditioner and Protectant

Healthy hair starts with an effective cleanse free from harsh sulfates or parabens. Nourishing shampoo prevents depletion of natural oils while rich conditioners deliver antioxidants and fatty acids leaving hair silky and resistant to damage. Never style without first misting strands with thermal protectant to defend from hot tool deterioration.

Fine or Thin Hair

Volumizing mousse helps coated finer strands for building fuller styles. Likewise, dry shampoo instantly boosts grip and density at the roots between washes. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray resisting stiffness or crunchy textures.

Thick or Curly Hair

Favor cream formulas like curl enhancer and defining custard for raking through thick wet curls pre-styling to encourage springy clumps minus frizz. For sleek blowouts, rely on leave-in conditioning creams providing heat protection and lasting softness. Avoid oils.

Chemically Treated or Color-Dyed

Repeated chemical processing leaves hair severely depleted and vulnerable to drying. Intensely quenching masks as weekly treatments restore moisture otherwise stripped away by dyes, perms and relaxers. Maintain vibrancy between salon visits using color safe shampoos plus leave-in toners keeping brassiness at bay.

See the New York Post’s best hair dryer recommendations for smoothly styling all hair types without excessive drying or breakage:

Whether you dream of bombshell curls or enviable glass-like shine, using intentional products optimized for your hair goals makes achieving them possible. Invest in salon quality support providing lasting hold, locking in moisture and preserving dynamic styles even as you sleep.

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