The Best Hair Dryers for Fast Drying and Minimizing Damage

Between styling products, chemical processing, pollution and constant heat tools, everyday damage to hair is inevitable. But fortunately, not irreversible. The key to undoing the look of damage and restoring health comes down to using the right styling tools for the job, like a quality hair dryer.

The ideal hair dryer features:

1. A choice of heat and speed settings

Multiple heat and speed settings allow users to customize drying and avoid overdrying. Look for a dryer with at least 3 temperature options and 2 fan speeds. Ionic technology also reduces drying intensity while boosting shine.

2. A “cool shot" button

A shot of cold air provides the finishing touches for setting styles in place with extra smoothness and sheen. This feature can also help to seal the hair cuticle following high heat exposure for protection and longevity of results.

3. Ceramic, tourmaline or titanium ceramic coated components

These materials conduct heat more consistently and evenly than traditional metal for less extreme temperature fluctuations. More stable heat protects from damage while smoothing the hair cuticle for amazing shine.

4. Concentrator and diffuser attachments

Concentrator nozzles direct airflow to smooth and straighten small sections for precision styling and volume at the roots. Diffusers deliver even heat distribution allowing curls to dry without frizz or loss of definition.

Top-Rated Hair Dryers for All Hair Types and Styling Needs

  • Harry Josh Pro Dryer – Created by celebrity stylist Harry Josh, this professional hair dryer uses cutting edge ionic and ceramic technology to dry hair incredibly fast while sealing the cuticle for superior smoothness and shine. The Pro Tools Dryer is compact but ultra powerful at an unbeatable 2000 watts. Multiple speed and heat options provide customized control. Worth the splurge!
  • Bio Ionic 10x Pro Dryer – For an affordable professional quality dryer, choose the Bio Ionic Pro Dryer. 10 times more negative ions allow hair to dry faster from the inside out while combatting frizz. NanoIonic mineral technology hydrates and smooths the cuticle. Enjoy softer, shinier hair without damage from heat styling.
  • Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – This high-tech gadget measures air temperature over 40 times a second to keep heat under 150° for fast yet gentle drying times. The Dyson dryer also has an impressive digital motor providing powerful yet quiet operation. Smooth volume styling results from the Airflow styler attachment.

Check out the full guide from Marie Claire for an expanded list of the best hair dryers for all budgets and needs.

Whether thick or thin, straight or coiled, invest in a quality hair dryer engineered to customize heat intensity for your exact hair type. Limit overdrying and undo damage from heat styling by choosing tools with advanced ceramic and ionic technologies. Happy (responsible) styling!

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