How to Maintain Dyed and Chemically Treated Hair

Whether you indulge in bold rainbow dye jobs or subtle single process blondes, maintaining that fresh salon color between appointments poses a challenge for most.

Same goes for smoothing Brazilian Blowout treatments or straightening keratin sessions. Over time, the investment washes down the drain, literally. So how exactly do we preserve costly chemical services keeping hair vibrant and healthy simultaneously?

Read on for simple tricks retaining perfect color, movement and integrity despite dying and processing harm.

Gently Cleanse

First, pull back on harsh surfactants. Sodium/ammonium lauryl sulfate found in most drugstore shampoos rapidly strip color molecules from porous damaged cuticles. Instead opt for sulfate-free cleansing formulas using naturally-derived agents like coconut oil.

Shampoo minimally just twice weekly to retain dye and keratin smoothing treatments. On non-wash days, rinse simply with water and condition mid-lengths avoiding roots.

Nourish Strands

Next, nourish strands with weekly reparative hair masks. Whip up hydrating avocado, olive oil and honey treatments to nourish from within and seal cracks in follicles where color escapes. Consider leave-in strengthening serums with UV filters as well to fortify bonds.

For salon-level repairs between trims, schedule occasional Olaplex No. 3 or Bond Builder treatments. These work wonders mending broken disulfide bonds and porous cuticles caused by coloring and chemical services.

Protect From Elements

Furthermore, shield fragile locks from environmental elements trying to bleach vibrancy. Wash in lukewarm water instead of scalding hot showers. Chilly air and chlorinated pools also oxidize color rapidly. Defend with leave-in conditioning creams or pre-swim sprays to mitigate fading.

Similarly, protect delicate strands from heat stylers dehydrating hair post-chemical services. Prep with even basic drugstore heat protectant sprays before using hot tools. Or invest in advanced dryer systems like the best hair dryer reviewed using far infrared rays, uniform airflow and ion generators to seal the cuticle and set styles rather than bake hair.

Stick to Aftercare Plans

Finally, don’t skip prescribed aftercare for chemical services. Keratin treatments require special shampoos to prolong sleekness. Permanent dyes need developer or gloss refreshers maintaining richness between full appointments. Discuss at-home care systems with your colorist catering to exactly what that formula and your hair needs post-service.

With some TLC limiting washing, nourishing well and shielding from damage, it is possible to freeze-frame freshly dyed and smoothed hair integrity for longer! Employ these pro stylist tricks keeping your custom color and fabulously controlled movement intact.

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