The Best Brushes and Combs for Detangling Knotted, Tangled Hair

Nothing elicits frustration faster than a knotted, tangled mess where you once had flowing locks. But vigorously ripping through stubborn snarls only exacerbates damage and breakage. Instead, arm yourself with the right detangling tools designed to gently yet effectively smooth out tangled hair.

What Causes Knots and Tangles?

Whether thick or thin, straight or curly, all hair types experience tangles and knots. Overnight tossing and turning during sleep rubs hair against linens forming knots along the way. Even smooth, silky hair winds up curiously tangled come morning.
Other factors like weather conditions, damaged cuticles and improper brushing techniques also provoke more knots leading to breakage when brushed aggressively. Luckily there are many products and tools helping significantly reduce tangles.

Key Features of the Best Detangling Tools

  • Wide-set, flexible bristles
  • Vented design
  • Cushioned tips
  • Soft touch handles
  • Lightweight

Gentle Detangling Brush Options

  • Wet Brush Pro – This cult classic detangling brush just got a fancy pro upgrade! Distinctive IntelliFlex bristles glide through tangled, wet and dry hair without ripping or pulling. Newly designed comfort grip makes detangling comfortable for all ages.
  • Tangle Teezer – Available in fun bright shades, this innovative brush boasts two-tiered teeth that lightly flex to protect the scalp while eliminating tangles in hair of any texture. Unique teeth can be used on wet or dry hair.
  • Flex Brush from Drybar – Drybar took their exceptional blowout skills and created this paddle brush addressing all styling needs from detangling to smoothing. Air vents allow heat to penetrate faster while rounded edges provide an ideal finish for blowouts.

Quality Combs for Detangling

Wide-tooth shower combs – Safely smooth knots as conditioners soak in
Long-handled combs – Allow leverage needed for thorough detangling
Combs with pivoting teeth – Adapt to the scalp reducing scratching
Laser cut combs – Seamlessly glide through hair without friction

See the Independent’s guide to the best hair dryers for minimizing knot-causing damage during heat styling.

Using premium detangling tools prevents painful tugging, protects the scalp and reduces breaking of fragile strands. Invest in suitable brushes and combs for all hair types and textures. Finally bid farewell to dreaded tangle time and say hello to smooth, manageable hair!

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