Top 10 Haircuts and Styles for Thick, Coarse Hair

Thick hair can feel bulky and become an unmanageable mass of frizz with the wrong haircut. The additional weight of coarse or wavy textures presents styling challenges as well. However, the right cut and daily regimen can have locks flowing smoothly and looking polished.
These top 10 haircuts provide shape and movement while controlling bulk:

Long Layers

Long layers remove excess bulk while allowing hair to still pull back. The longest layers frame the face then graduate shorter through the back to lift at the crown. Use a heat protectant and aim the dryer nozzle down sections of hair.

Shoulder Length Shag

A shoulder-grazing shag with bangs is an easy-care option for thick hair. The many layers remove excess weight and add movement while side bangs soften the forehead. Air or blow drying creates tousled texture.

Angled Bob

An angled bob with a longer front that grads shorter into the nape of the neck flatters most face shapes. Tuck hair behind one ear to showcase pretty necklines. Styling is simple by blow drying or flat ironing flipped out ends for a polished shape.

Textured Lob

A long bob, or lob for short, with textured ends hits a comfortable length. The perimeter should graze the collarbones with small layers throughout to thin and create movement in thicker hair. Air dry for natural texture or smooth with a dryer and round brush.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs swept to one side are ideal for thick hair. Unlike blunt bangs, side fringe softens features while allowing volume on top layers. Blow out with a round brush to flip ends out.

Pixie Cut

Go dramatic with a pixie! Closely cropped sides show off gorgeous facial structure. Leave length on top for bombshell body and style with mousse. You can find the best hair dryers at every budget to achieve this.

Face-Framing Highlights

Strategic highlights around the face brighten the complexion for those with thick, dark hair. Lightened sections also effectively break up density. Highlights show off pretty cuts and become part of the style itself.

Layered Flip Out

Long hair keeps thickness under control with proper layering and heat styling. Create flicked out ends by sectioning hair using a round brush while blow drying. Lift roots with dryer airflow using a boar bristle or vent brush.

Textured Topknot

Pull upper layers into a tousled topknot secured with a hair tie and texture spray. Pieces left loose surrounding the face prevent a slicked-back look. Topknots suit straight and wavy thick hair equally well.

Beach Waves

Embrace natural texture whether curly or straight by scrubbing hair clean then scrunching in salt spray. Air dry slightly damp hair or diffuse for extra volume. Finally, gently break up clumps using fingers for soft, tousled beach waves.

Thick hair types greatly benefit from strategic cuts removing excess bulk throughout the interior and lower layers. Seek experienced stylists knowledgeable with thick textures. Prioritize cuts retaining enough length to pull hair back as needed for convenience.
Implementing the right styling regimen also makes daily management easier. Choose hair dryers with multiple heat and speed settings to customize drying like the Conair Pro Styler. Quality tools alongside frequent trims keep thick hair looking fabulous.

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