How to Blow Dry Thick, Curly Hair - Tools and Techniques for Smooth Results

Thick, curly hair holds a lot of water weight even after towel drying and needs intense heat for lengthy periods to fully dry from root to tip. But all that heat exposure risks extreme dryness and frizz when mishandled. Learn professional techniques using the right tools for achieving smooth, shiny blowouts on dense curly hair.

Must-Have Blow Dry Tools

Diffuser Attachment – A diffuser evenly distributes hot airflow allowing curls to dry uniformly. The “fingers” cradle hair helping to lift roots while drying strands without frizz or losing definition.

Round Ceramic Brush – Gently smooth and tension smaller sections of curls wrapping hair around a ceramic-coated round brush. Ceramic prevents excessive heat on hair already vulnerable to damage. Choose brush diameter based on curl type.

Quality Blow Dryer – Invest in a professional dryer at least 1875-watts with multiple heat and speed settings. Advanced ionic technology like those featuring tourmaline, titanium and infrared technologies lower drying time while preventing heat damage to thick curly hair.

Key Techniques for Drying Coils and Curls

  1. Apply a thermal protectant spray or cream before drying to shield strands from heat tool damage.
  2. Gently “squish” products into soaking wet curls after showering to encourage definition before drying.
  3. Part hair cleanly first then divide into manageable sections, no more than 2 inches wide.
  4. Position dryer 6 inches from hair pointed downward along strands and keep constantly moving.
  5. Wrap slightly dried sections around round brush pulling ends outward while heating entire strand.
  6. Hold tension 5 seconds with brush before releasing curl; repeat process throughout head.
  7. Lift roots with fingers or pick while blasting with cool air last 2 minutes.

Check Amazon for the best hair dryers under $100 specially designed to smooth thick, curly hair. Top affordable options provide salon drying power preventing frizz even on dense hair.

Be attentive when drying specialized textures to prevent exacerbating frizz and damage. Invest time mastering tension techniques while keeping moisture and protein levels optimal. Follow these steps and achieve smooth, defined curls and coils without endless drying time.