No-Fail Heatless Overnight Hairstyles

Achieving gorgeous hair typically requires time-consuming daily styling with hot tools dangerously high in heat. But it is possible to wake up with salon-worthy hair simply by trying heat-free overnight styles as you sleep! Protect your strands from heat damage without sacrificing fabulous locks by trying these no-fail overnight hairstyles.

Overnight Flexi Rod Set

Part damp hair cleanly down the middle and distribute a nourishing curl cream evenly from roots to ends before separating locks into sections. Next, wrap hair strands around flexi rods rolling ends outward and secure hooked clips tightly at the base. Air dry overnight; gently remove rods in the morning.

Satin Rollers

Create bombshell, bouncy curls minus any heat damage by setting hair in soft satin rollers. Work in mousse for all over grit and grip with a wet-dry Formula before winding mid-lengths to ends around rollers. Carefully remove rollers come morning to reveal full, smooth curls.

Braid Styles Galore

Braids retain their shape overnight and creatively transform hair. For heatless waves, loosely plait damp locks before bedtime then gently undo each braid once dry come morning. Or, try a fishtail crown braid, waterfall braids or pull back hair smoothly into one sleek braid.

Silk Scarf Wrap

Securely wrap hair in a silk scarf tying ends gently at the nape of neck to caring for fragile edges overnight. The slippery fabric minimizes friction preventing split ends and breakage. unwrap hair in the morning and style as usual without disturbance to the cuticle.

See the Telegraph’s recommendations for the best hair dryers protecting fragile locks overnight.

Give your strands a break overnight by embracing heatless styling methods while sleeping. Wake up refreshed with glossy hair ready for gentle touch ups, if any finishing is required before heading out the door! Achieve enviable hair any day without damage from hot tools.