The Best Hairstyles and Cuts for Thin, Fine Hair

Thin hair lies flat and limp lacking body and bounce. Certain cuts can remove further volume while particular styles actually accentuate thinness drawing the wrong attention. But have no fear - amazing cuts and styles do exist for amplifying fullness and concealing lackluster locks.

Get a Texturizing Cut

A strategic cut creates the illusion of fuller hair. Layers remove excess weight allowing new shape and movement. Choppy ends avoid solid lines that show scalp. Frequent trims prevent see-through strands from worsening.

Know Your Face Shape

An oval, heart or round face shape can pull off short chops nicely. Square and long face shapes should opt for shoulder length cuts with face-framing layers to soften features. Side swept bangs minimize wide foreheads too.

Prep Hair for Styling

Always shampoo and condition to remove product buildup weighing hair down. Volumizing formulas help give thin strands more guts. When hair is squeaky clean, it better accepts styling products. Deliver heat protection before using hot tools - thin hair has less integrity making it extra vulnerable to drying and breakage.

Target the Roots

Thick hair shows density at the crown. To mimic fullness, use short quick bursts of heat while blow drying the roots. Flip wet hair over and dry while scrunching at the roots to pack in volume. Then smooth longer layers with a round bush.

Choose Products Wisely

Avoid oil-based products that further flatten thin hair at the roots. Instead, apply mousse or thickening spray before heat styling. Choose lightweight formulas to avoid product overload. Firm hold hairspray is ideal for locking in height all day.

See NBC News' top picks for the best hair dryers that add stunning shine and smoothness to fine, thin hair when heat styling. Investing in salon-grade tools makes all the difference.

Don't fear flauntable hair just because your strands are fine. Optimize cuts and products for your hair texture while applying targeted volumizing techniques daily. Soon, bountiful, beautiful tresses replace limp, lackluster locks.