10 Hot Tools You Need for Salon Blowouts at Home

Achieving smooth, voluminous blowouts no longer requires bi-weekly salon trips. But navigating the overwhelm of at-home styling tools lands many right back in the stylist’s chair. Skip the middleman by investing in these 10 game changing hot tools delivering dramatic body and shine rivaling any professional.

1. An Infrared Hair Dryer

Infrared heat technology styles hair from the inside out instead of blasting the vulnerable outer cuticle with extreme temps. This avoids damage while decreasing drying time. Look for multiple settings accommodating all textures.

2. A Tourmaline Ceramic Styler

Tourmaline mineral complex reduces static and seals the cuticle for noticeably smoother texture and amplified shine. The gentle far infrared heat also prevents heat damage even at higher temperatures.

3. Soft Curler Rollers

Velcro rollers make rounding base layers effortless while avoiding dents or crimps from rigid plastic. Roll lengths gently around rollers pulling hair smooth then blast roots with concentrated airflow for radical lift.

4. Paddle Hair Brush

An oval paddle brush with dense bristles allows pulling hair tight when round brush styling eliminating awkward arm twisting. Grip handles provide control for smoothing perfectly sleek strands.

5. Teasing Comb

For building an immense voluminous base at the crown, use the fine teeth of a teasing comb for perfect backcombing action staying locked in place all day.

6. Expanding Round Brush

This 2-in-1 brush adjusts to two sizes – perfect for bob or lob length cuts. Smooth longer front pieces with the large barrel then size down fitting comfortably around layers in the back and sides.

7. Blow Dryer Diffuser

Those embracing natural curls require a diffuser attachment dispersing heat gently across all sides of the hair cuticle preventing dreaded frizz. Diffuse damp sections scrunching strands until completely dry.

See Curl Maven’s specific recommendations for the best hair dryer diffusers optimizing definition for curly manes.

Having the right mix of hot tools makes achieving fabulous, full-bodied blowouts possible without paying sky-high salon rates! Invest in these core hair styling pieces for elevating at-home looks that wow week after week.